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Sunday 28 November Mark Wells

Head, Hands & Heart - Reflections From Our Year

Our theme for this year is Ōtahtahi: Our City and this service we reflect on how God is at work bringing restoration in areas of brokenness - in our city and in us. Mark shares some encouragement and is joined by Carey, Emma, & Steve who share insights and stories of hope from their areas of influence as they work alongside vulnerable people in our city.


Life Group Questions

Sunday 28 November

The year in review:

Head: What have you spent a lot of time thinking about this year? What ideas keep bouncing around in your mind?

What do you think Jesus has been revealing to you this year?

Heart: Where have you noticed yourself reacting strongly to things this year? What situations or relationships have caused you to have big feelings?

How has Jesus been at work in your heart this year?

Hands: What have you gotten busy doing this year? Where have you been hard at work?

How have you worked for the growth of God’s kingdom this year?

What are your dreams for the future?

Where do you think God wants to take you?

Read 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

What is one situation you can think of in 2021 where you were able to be an ambassador for Jesus?

Who is someone in your life who really needs to receive the good news of the gospel?

Close by praying for these people, and that God would be at work in their lives in 2022 creating opportunities for them to receive the good news.