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Sunday 29 November Lorraine Dierck

Mission Possible 2020

Lorraine challenges us to be willing to make changes so that we can be effective in reaching the people around us - because even if we can't travel, the world is here!


Life Group Questions

Sunday 29 November

Read John 21:1-15

Peter and friends went back to what they knew - fishing - even after Jesus had appeared to them, called them to something different, and breathed His Spirit on them. He then encounters them at the lake and calls them again.

  • What new things did you try or need to do during lockdown or the various COVID-19 levels that really worked for you - practically and spiritually?
  • Have you kept any of those practices or habits going when things returned more to normal? Why or why not?
  • What personal challenges or issues did the limitations we experienced in 2020 raise for you? Have you continued to do something about it?
  • What area in your life do you need the Holy Spirit more involved in the year coming up?
  • Where do you see an opportunity to make a small change that will enable you to be more available for what God wants to do with you?

Jesus asked Peter, "do you love me more than these?" - presumably meaning the fish (and probably the identity and security of income that came from being a fisherman).

  • If Jesus was asking you what his near competition is for your love, what would it be? How are you managing that competition?