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Sunday 20 June Dave Bosma

The Cynic and the People of God

Dave walked us through the Letter of Jude. Dave showed us that the big story of this short letter is the importance for the church to have space to allow people to explore their faith, and the questions and doubts they may have as these do not threaten church community.


Life Group Questions

Sunday 20 June

“The Cynic and the People of God”


Have you ever been a part of a Christian discussion group where someone has expressed doubt or scepticism? How did other members of the group respond in that moment?

Have you ever been part of a Christian discussion group and felt some cynicism or doubt of your own about what the other members of the group were discussing? What did you do?

Have you ever known any Christian leaders who have done a particularly good (or bad) job at conveying to a group that their questions and doubts are OK and will not be responded to with judgment or rejection?


Read Jude 17-25

What do you notice in this passage?

What do you think it means to “be merciful to those who doubt”?

Jude wrote this letter to a church that he thought was being corrupted by people with ideas and lifestyles that were contrary to the gospel (read vs. 12-13 to see what he thought about these people!) Yet in the later part of the letter his tone changes, and his pastoral advice is that people commit themselves to prayer and extend mercy to those who are uncertain.

How can we distinguish between people whose ideas and actions are destructive to our life together, and those for whom their doubts and uncertainties invite the extension of our mercy?


What are some spiritual or relational practices that help you keep your own faith and sense of self strong?

How can we support and be merciful to others without getting caught up in whatever issues they are grappling with?

How do you think a church should respond to those who are expressing cynicism, skepticism, or doubt?