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Sunday 25 October Phil Stedman

Aligning our hearts

Samuel served God with all of his heart, King Saul was impatient and disobeyed God. God took away his crown, and sought a man after his own heart to lead Israel...


Life Group Questions

Sunday 25 October

Read 1 Samuel 16:1-13

Change is hard.Samuel begins this chapter having rejected Saul as king - stuck, mourning what could have been. Then he makes excuses as to why he can't change the situation, and then once he begins following God's commands, he goes looking for a replacement Saul.

  • Have you found yourself in this pattern when you are facing change - holding onto the old even though it doesn't work, making excuses about why you are not moving, trying to simply find a replacement rather than something new?
  • What is so difficult about change? What can help you to change when you need to?
  • What areas might you need to change now, and what is holding you back from that change?

Samuel allows God to challenge his perspective and refine his vision for the new king.

  • How do you hear from God, so He can challenge and direct you?
  • Do you have a regular rhythm that allows room for God to speak to you, or do you tend to seek God's leading mainly in crisis?
  • What would you say to someone who struggles to hear from God - what could they try?

Samuel anoints David, who is not as physically imposing as Saul but has a heart for God.

  • How can you authentically show your heart for God more, rather than just offering your most impressive or valued characteristics?