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Sunday 26 September Jairus Robb

Jesus the Sacrificial King

Jairus walks us through Gospel of Mark 8:11-38. The disciples are struggling to understand who Jesus is. We can do this too. Jairus shows us from the text that Jesus is gentle and loving.


Life Group Questions

Sunday 26 September

Session 8: Mark 8:11-38

Read Mark 8:11-38

Watch Session 7: Mark 6:30–8:30 (15 minutes)


Look at Mark 8:11–21.

After reiterating the results of both of his multiplication miracles in Mark 8:20–21, Jesus asks, “Do you not yet understand?” You can almost feel the sadness and confusion coming off the page. After all he’s done, how can the disciples still not understand who Jesus is? But before we jump to condemn the disciples, how do we, too, respond to Jesus in a similar way? Do you live in a way that exhibits a clear understanding of who Jesus is and what he’s done for you?

Now take a closer look at Mark 8:22–30.

In Mark 8:22–26, a man comes to Jesus to have his blindness healed—fairly routine, right? But it takes Jesus two tries to get him seeing again. Before we start to wonder if Jesus somehow flubbed the miracle, notice that we’ve seen throughout the whole passage: two of everything. Mark’s doubling-down effect comes to a point here. It takes two intentional actions on Jesus’s part for the man to see clearly.

After restoring sight to the blind man at Bethsaida, and the “double effort” we’ve seen in this week’s passage, Jesus asks his disciples an important question in Mark 8:27–30. What does he hope his disciples see clearly? Do they?

In what ways do you feel you see Jesus more clearly now? How does this passage increase your understanding of him and his mission?

Spiritual Practice: If you have time remaining this week, consider taking the time to work through the following spiritual practice as a group:

1. Confession. Sometimes we have our own blind spots regarding who Jesus is, and what he might want to show us. If you feel comfortable, share with the group or with a partner (depending on the size of the group) one area in your own faith where you feel as though you have come across an aspect of God that you don’t really understand. When it is your turn to listen to someone else, resist the urge to answer or “solve” their uncertainty with a quick summary. If you feel led to respond in some way, do so, but first allow plenty of room for honest sharing and listening. Finish by praying together and giving these issues over to God.