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Each week we receive an offering in church that supports our community ministries, our weekly operating costs, our commitment to overseas giving, and to helping those in need. Your giving goes a long way.

How to give.

There are several ways you can give financially:

  • In Person

    In person through the collection on Sunday mornings.

  • Online Payment

    Internet bank transfer or automatic payment to:

    › RCC Bank Account:  010819–0036589–00 

    › Reference: Your Name

  • Push Pay

    Online by credit or debit card using Push Pay

If you would like to receive giving donation receipts please include your name as a reference on any bank transfer, cash contributions or Push Pay transactions. Donations to RCC are eligible for tax donation rebates.

Vision Impact Giving

Vision Impact Giving (VIG) is our ‘over and above’ regular giving for special projects. Each year we prayerfully select two to three projects that make a difference in people’s lives and contribute to our church vision moving forward.  Over the years many exciting and life changing projects have been supported both in New Zealand and throughout the world. Over the last 16 years more than $1.4 million has been raised through VIG.

How VIG Works

Around late January each year we share the VIG projects we are seeking to support. We encourage people to give what they can, whether it’s $20 or $20,000. Giving closes at the end of the financial year on 31 March.

Payments will be administered by RCC’s Treasurer and can be transferred to:

› RCC Bank Account: 010819–0036589–00 
› Reference: Your Name VIG

If you have any questions please ask Phil Stedman, RCC's Treasurer Mark Styles or any Trustee.

VIG projects for 2024

  • Empower El Salvador

    Violent gangs are a huge problem in El Salvador. After establishing a very effective ministry which is reducing the number of teenage boys from entering gangs in Honduras, Empower Central America are now in the process of establishing a similar ministry in El Salvador. As a church we have the opportunity of assisting the setting up a centre where boys will have an alternative to becoming a gang member.
    The centre will be run by local churches and has strong Christian governance.
    There will be the provision of a serious and structured education programme 5 days a week.
    Discipleship of the boys will be a key objective.

    As a church we have the opportunity to change the trajectory of many young lives and equip a future generation of Christian leadership.

  • Tamariki Tipu - Growing Children in New Zealand Primary Schools

    24-7 YouthWork enables churches throughout the country (including RCC) to build partnerships with local high schools by providing youth workers who support individual students, develop positive school culture and provide opportunities to connect with church programmes. This VIG project is about helping 24-7 YouthWork to develop an equivalent model for primary schools to enable children’s workers bring this much needed support to this younger age group.

    The funds raised by VIG will support the work of developing policy, procedures, and evaluation tools as well as the provision of training. This development work will provide the launch pad the children’s work model needs to eventually be used in all parts of our country. This opportunity opens the door for more schools to partner with local churches and to receive a service that they are crying out for.

    As a Church we have the opportunity to impact primary schools throughout the nation!

  • Wharenui School Cycle Track

    We have a long history of relationship with Wharenui School. It is from this relationship base that we approached them and asked: “How can we bless you”. This project is their response. Contributing funding to build a cycle track at Wharenui School will provide kids a place to be physically active and for the wider community to gather. This impacts positively on kids’ and community wellbeing. We’re exploring opportunities for RCC to help build the track alongside the school community. This is a great opportunity to engage in our local community.