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Sunday service
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Mon 20th Aug, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
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RCC Vision Statement

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Overseas Missions at Riccarton Community Church

Riccarton Community Church is a church that has a focus on bringing the great news of salvation through Jesus to the world. One of our key vision points is to "impact the nations" and we take this task seriously. We support and have partnerships with a wide variety of indigenous missionaries in addition to a number of individuals, and one family, who has been sent out from RCC.

Countries where we are supporting mission include Zambia, Ethiopia, Romania, Bolivia, Peru, India, Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian countries.

Each year we have 2-3 short term mission teams go to Asia, Africa or South America

Each year we have 5-6 "Mission Sundays" where we focus on world missions during the Sunday morning service

We have a passion not only to share the good news of Jesus but also to help communities in developing countries to break out of the crippling cycle of poverty

RCC Missions Partners

Bright Hope World

International Needs

Kathleen and Anita Keith Gillon