Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Last updated on May 28th at 10:43AM

27 May 2020

Hi Church,

It is time to Connect!

As the limit to the size of gatherings is being lifted to 100 people this week, we are so looking forward to RCC connecting face to face again! Connect is RCC’s theme this year and we really encourage you to make the most of the loosening restrictions.

There is a 1hr service at RCC this Sunday at 10am (31st May)

We would love to see you at this service. Book your place using this link on Eventbrite (we are using this booking system to manage the numbers).

Please book per individual or family group… its easy! Don’t stay at home when there is a chance to connect, we have kept plenty of seats in reserve for those who need it the most, so you won’t be stealing anyone’s place if you book today.

The service will still be live streamed at 10am on Riccarton Community Church’s YouTube Channel or Facebook page.

RCC Kids will only be online this Sunday, however; there will be no on-site kids programmes on 31 May.

If you cannot make it to the service, we really encourage you to connect through watching the streamed service with your Life Group or invite someone to your place to join the service with you.

From 7 June there will be two services at 9am and 11am

Its going to be great to go back to two services! Each service will have a full kids programme. Each service will be around 1hr long.

Given the limit of 100 people we will again be using Eventbrite to enable you to book a seat. We will provide a link to book your place in the service next week.

The 11am service will be lived streamed to RCC’s YouTube channel and Facebook page from 7 June to 21 June.

Note that from Sunday 31 May to 21 June RCC Kids online will still be streamed at 9am on RCC’s YouTube channel.

We are praying that from Sunday 28 June there will be no restrictions on service size.

Look forward to seeing you real soon!

Phil & Cath