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What Is Vision Impact Giving?

A voluntary initiative where we give an amount of money ‘over and above’ normal offerings.  VIG enables our church to further partner in what God is doing
by increasing our capacity to be involved in additional projects. These projects make a significant difference in people’s lives and result in hope that transforms.
What has been achieved so far?
It’s great to celebrate the over $980,000 which has been raised over the last 13 years for a huge range of missional and facilities projects, both locally and internationally.
Who is Vision Impact Giving for?
Everyone who is willing to give small or large amounts to projects which make a difference. (We would love to see more people being involved by giving $10,
$20, $100, $10,000 or whatever you can.)
We encourage everyone to prayerfully consider their involvement in Vision Impact Giving.

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Project 1: Parking for the future


The South Express Cycle Route has now been confirmed by CCC to follow a route down Elizabeth Street. The earliest construction can start is April 2020, although due to possible funding delays the project may not start until later next year or early 2021.
While greater use of cycles is a good thing there are significant adverse effects for RCC, including:
an overall reduction in available on-street parking which will create an increased barrier for users of RCC facilities, ministries and services a construction period of many months will create major parking disruption
We rely heavily on on-street parking for people attending the Sunday services and other RCC weekday ministries. For our congregation and community impact to grow we need to have parking that is consistent, safe and at a reasonable distance, especially for visitors and those who are not yet in the habit of attending regularly. To mitigate the adverse effects of the cycleway this VIG project involves developing car parks on the dairy site.

Project 2: Translations to change a continent


The greatest need for the Mavuno church plant in Bujumbura, Burundi (which RCC helped establish) are Christian discipleship resources and curriculum which are translated into good French.
Our partner church in Nairobi, Kenya has a whole range of Christian resources in the areas of marriage, parenting, prayer and discipleship (including Mizizi which we run at RCC). The difference these parenting and marriage courses alone could make (once translated) to the many needs of families in the city of Bujumbura is sufficient to  warrant supporting this project.
In the future we hope to be able to translate Jude Goatley’s Economic Empowerment curriculum as well.
As a church we have the opportunity to enable the translation these Mavuno resources into French which will have a huge impact first in Bujumbura and then on many other people and nations in the continent of Africa.
Why French?
Nearly 35% of Africans have French as one of their  spoken languages. There are 21 African nations with French as an official language (in blue on the map), and 17 of them have more than 1 million French speakers. DRC alone has more French speakers than France! Mavuno already has church plants in three French speaking nations, including DRC, and many more are planned.


How does Vision Impact Giving work?

Payments can be made at any time from now to 31 March 2020 either in the weekly offering bucket, in the “Give” page in the App or by direct credit (please identify such payments as VIG).
Riccarton Community Church bank account : 010819-0036589-00