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RCC Vision Statement

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Be part of a community making a difference

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COMM is a community of young adults from all over New Zealand (and the world) who come together in weekly small groups, with a mix of workers and students from various tertiary institutions around the Christchurch area. This is an opportunity to foster and encourage each other’s talents, help each other connect with God and others, and support people as they work out the direction and purpose of their life.

wallplanner18The small groups are lead by young adults and are responsive to the needs and challenges facing young people, with the support of the wider church, grounded in the RCC Vision which helps to keep us outward focused and growing in maturity. As well as regular small groups, we have wider COMM activities, including combined events and challenges, camps to kick the year off and provide a reflection time at the end, and opportunities to impact our local community.

Why COMM? COMM is not an acronym, but a ‘short-for’ – it catches in a number of the things that we value as a group – Community, Commissioning, Compassion, Commitment - this is not coincidence, as the prefix com- means doing things together. Where do you fit in?


What happening now? We have a range of small groups meeting on weekday evenings, all near to the University of Canterbury and public transport options.  This format helps us connect with the widest range of people and opportunities, and it means that you have a crew of people you know well, rather than feeling lost in a big church - for more info, like us on Facebook - 'RCC Comm' - or email Mark at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Come to lunch! We often share lunches after the morning service - a great opportunity to get to know each other and try something a bit different to eat. If you are not careful, a game of touch rugby may break out...

And just for fun - the Santa video from our Christmas service: